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Podcast Production & Custom Music

Illuminate Your Voice

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Podcast Clients

Light On Creative, the premier podcast production and distribution company, is paving the way for illuminating audio experiences and sharing unique voices, education, and stories

Our Services


Full Service Launch

Transform your podcast dreams into reality with our comprehensive full-service package. We understand that every podcast is as unique as its creator, which is why we offer a tailored experience that amplifies your voice and vision. With custom music and trailer, coaching calls, launch assembly, creative development, and brand partnership opportunities. take your brand and your dreams to the next level with the highest audio quality and a plan to make your vision a success


Production & Editing

With years of experience and a deep passion for audio craftsmanship, our talented audio engineers and editing professionals bring a touch of magic to every episode. We carefully listen to your raw recordings, understanding your unique style and vision. Then, armed with state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge software, we work our editing wizardry to enhance your audio quality, eliminate background noise, and seamlessly stitch together a polished final product


Custom Music

We believe that every podcast deserves a unique sonic identity. That's why we offer the expertise to craft custom music that perfectly complements your podcast's theme and style.  Whether you're seeking a catchy theme tune, background music that enhances storytelling, or distinctive soundscapes, we create original compositions that resonate with your audience, setting your podcast apart and leaving a lasting impression hat elevates the overall listening experience to a whole new level.

Our Clients Say

"Heidi has been the producer and audio editor for the Make It Simple Podcast for 3 years. I previously had another team working with me and once Heidi took over our podcast our content was streamlined and our listener rates went up. She provides the highly quality production level of any podcast out there. Our podcast has now made it into the top 50 tness podcasts on Apple "

Andrea Allen, Make It Simple Podcast

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Ready to take your brand and podcast to the next level? Schedule a complimentary consultation call with our team to discover how Light On Creative can help you shine.


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